Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — November 22, 2011 at 9:14 am

Michigan Republicans end their recall efforts against Democrats


Turns out the Republicans’ retaliatory efforts to recall Democrats in Michigan was just an effort to collect contact information. Yesterday, Michigan Republican Party ended its recall drives against Democrats.

Michigan Republicans have halted their efforts to recall state Democratic lawmakers, a spokesman said today.

Stu Sandler, a consultant to the Michigan GOP who was organizing more than a dozen recall campaigns against Democrats, said the decision was made after discussions with Gov. Rick Snyder and other party leaders.

“We met our strategic goals,” Sandler said. “We spent a minimal amount of money and gained thousands of contacts” and “I think the Democrats were clearly on the defensive.”

In other words, they were never serious about recalling Democrats. It was just an effort to collect contact information for their database and put Democrats “on the defensive”.

Michigan Democratic Party chair Mark Brewer released this statement:

“This comes as no surprise to us consider the Republicans were trying to recall Democratic lawmakers because they didn’t support Governor Snyder’s agenda. The governor’s agenda is extremely unpopular throughout the state. Voters support legislators who stand up to Snyder’s agenda of cutting public education and shifting nearly $2 billion in taxes from corporations and insurance companies to seniors, the middle class, and the poor.

“We also vigorously defended all Democrats who were targeted by educating voters and urging them not to sign. We have been in those targeted districts for weeks and the Republican signature gatherers could see that our efforts were successful.

“Hopefully, Republicans will now turn their attention to where it should have been in the first place – jobs. They need to stop being distracted by partisan politics and focus on putting people back to work.”

Say what you will about the recall efforts against Republicans, at least they had the honest and sincere goal of getting these lawmakers out of office before they could do any further harm. For Republicans, it was all just about getting your email address.