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Michigan Governor Snyder says Flint is next for Emergency Manager


While many of us expected this and knew it was coming, it’s still painful to see. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says Flint is ready for an Emergency Manager.

Governor Rick Snyder says a financial emergency exists in Flint.

That determination could lead to the appointment of an emergency manager for the city.

“The State’s decision shows how serious our financial challenges are in the City of Flint,” Mayor Dayne Walling said in a statement. “Significant progress has been made to stabilize the City’s finances during a very difficult economy, but without shared sacrifice across the board the City has not been able to implement all of the necessary cost-savings. When some don’t share in the sacrifice, we are all forced to bear the burden. With the support of the people, I will continue serve the City of Flint.”

More from MLive:

A state review panel is recommending that an emergency financial manager take over the city of Flint.

The recommendation accompanies the review team’s report to Gov. Rick Snyder, which says a “local government financial emergency” exists in the city, and “no satisfactory plan exists to resolve the emergency.”

The review team declined to pursue the option of a “consent agreement” with local elected leaders to resolve the financial problems because “it would not afford an efficacious remedy to the financial emergency,” according to the team’s 10-page report.

Michigan Department of Treasury Spokesman Terry Stanton said Snyder concurred with the unanimous opinion by the financial review team.

The city has seven days to request a hearing in front of the governor or his designee, Stanton said.

You can read the review panel’s findings HERE (pdf).

Next up: Detroit?

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