Detroit — November 10, 2011 at 10:24 pm

Memorial for Ace the pit bull in Detroit


Here is video from tonight’s memorial for Ace the pit bull from Detroit (backstory HERE.)

About 150 local pet rescuers and animal lovers showed up to mourn the passing of Ace who was euthanized by the Detroit Animal Control staff. Based on the way things have played out, it seems pretty clear that Ace was actually euthanized almost immediately after entering the shelter and the DAC staff have been covering it up ever since. Ace was supposed to have four days before he was put to sleep (by law), but nobody had seen him once he entered the facility and, when the owner came forward to reclaim him, she was shown an entirely different dog than first seen in the photos.

All of that is behind us now and we must now use this opportunity to let Ace’s situation to shine a bright light on the issue of stray dogs and cats in Detroit. It’s essential that we find a way for legitimate animal rescue groups to keep strays from ever having to end up in the DAC or being killed.

The woman in the video is Angie Potter of Waggs and Wishes animal rescue.

We’ll have still photos a bit later so please check back.