Bwahahahahaha — November 9, 2011 at 11:02 pm

I’m sorry, Rick Perry who?


Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, hey. Goooo-ooood-bye.

These are easily 52 of the most painful seconds in politics I have ever witnessed. I detest Rick Perry and I still felt sorry for the guy. My twitter feed was full of “OMG” and “Oh, dude…” comments for a solid 2 minutes when this happened.

Mr. Drillheredrillnowdomesticenergyrightunderourfeet couldn’t remember that he wants to eliminate the federal Department of Energy.


I guess I should feel sorta happy that I was there to witness the end of the Perry campaign on national television. The fact that it happened here in Michigan is a deliciously sweet cherry on top of an otherwise delicious political moment.