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Herman Cain’s supporters call his latest accuser Karen Kraushaar “an ugly bitch” – UPDATED x2


The screenshot below tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Herman Cain’s supporters and why he is actually doing pretty well in the polls and with fundraising right now.

The screenshot is from his PAC. The title of the post is “Herman Cain Accuser Karen Kraushaar works for Obama and she’s ugly”

The comment with the photo of Kraushaar says “Ew, gross! Who the hell does this ugly b1tch think she’s fooling? Just to be clear, Karen Kraushaar is the one on the left.”

Click for a larger version

Get it? She’s an “ugly bitch” so there’s no way Cain would have ever hit on her. You know, maybe if she was pretty or something, but not with this woman that is uglier than her horse.

This was literally on the front page of his PAC’s webpage for a time, though it has now scrolled off. Still, they haven’t chosen to take it down.

Not to be too Pollyannaish about this but I simply cannot believe that there are enough troglodyte voters in this country who think this way for Cain to ever stand a chance getting the Republican nomination.

Not that I wouldn’t really enjoy that. I would love nothing more than to have “Mr. Uzebeckybeckybeckystanstan” share a debate stage with Barack Obama so he could be verbally flayed into shreds by a man so far his intellectual superior that he’s barely worthy of washing his toilets much less running for president against him. Seriously, I would pay numerous benjamins for that opportunity.

UPDATE: Turns out the same author called another of Cain’s accusers a “fat bimbo”.

The title of this piece of literary genius is “Gloria Allred has to tell fat bimbo Sharon Bialek to stop giggling at the press conference”.

Again, both of these posts were at one time on front page of the Herman Cain PAC’s webpage.

UPDATE 2: So, this site, hermancainpac.com is starting to look a bit fishy. First of all, the “Donate” button is non-functional and links to hermancanpac.com (notice the missing “i”) but nothing resembling a donation page, even if you spell it right. A bunch of folks at Daily Kos have done some digging and found out that the site is registered to Clifford Hoelz out of Arizona who just happens to be a rather rabid tea party guy. Finally, there is, apparently, no Herman Cain PAC registered with the FEC at this time.

The site is primarily an aggregator of stuff about Cain from around the web. Why a tea party dude like Hoelz would be running a fake Cain site I don’t know. Maybe he’s just a dummo who thinks he needs to put “PAC” on the end of his group’s name or maybe he’s trying to sabotage Cain. Or maybe he’s trying to make people who link to it (like me) look foolish. Whatever it is, I’m taking this with a grain of salt for now.