Uncategorized — November 29, 2011 at 6:46 pm

GOP Rep. Mike Rogers parrots a lie that enables Big Businesses to justify not hiring


From Michigan 8th District GOP Representative Mike Rogers comes a lie that enables large corporations to justify continuing to hoard vast amounts of money and other capital in a time when they should be doing all they can to stimulate the economy and job growth. Here’s the lie told by Mike Rogers:

Job creators are currently sitting on approximately $2 trillion in unused capital and untold numbers of job opportunities because they do not know their regulatory costs for the next two years. Businesses of all sizes need the certainty necessary to determine how much the government will cost them before they seek to grow and expand.

This is an utter myth; a complete lie. Big businesses are hoarding money because they are being allowed to by their minions in Congress that allow them to justify it. There are plenty of businesses who are growing and investing, most of them small to middle-sized companies. The big corporations have enough cash to keep their shareholders happy. They don’t even need to explain themselves to the American citizens.

They have Republican members of Congress to carry their water for them.