Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers — November 9, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Dominos falling: yet another Michigan city faces imposition of an Emergency Manager


This is becoming a daily thing for Michiganders.

On the heels of an announcement yesterday by the Governor’s office that Flint may soon be put under the control of an Emergency Manager, today it was announced that Inkster may also receive an Emergency Manager, as well.

The state Treasury Department announced today that a preliminary review of Inkster’s books shows the city is in ‘probable financial stress’.

Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton says the city is having trouble solving a multi-million dollar deficit.

“And the review also found city officials…have proposed unrealistic budgets and failed to make budget revisions in a timely manner,” says Stanton.

The governor is expected to appoint a review panel to determine if Inkster needs an emergency manager to solve its budget problems. The review team will likely not deliver its report to the governor before the first of next year.

Just last week, Detroit mayor Dave Bing threatened the imposition of an Emergency Manager, as well, as a cudgel to force union concessions. He has even volunteered to BE that EM.

The dominos are falling.