Uncategorized — November 14, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Anti-teachers union StudentsFirst says their defeat is a “victory”


Hoo boy, talk about putting lipstick on a pig. This is from Ben Smith at Politico, via a memo from Michelle Rhee’s anti-teacher organization StudentsFirst that spent an enormous amount of money on trying to keep Paul Scott from getting recalled last week:

In Michigan, Rep. Paul Scott was targeted for recall by the Michigan Education Association because of his support for a number of issues related to the budget and education. An August poll commissioned by MIRS and conducted by Practical Political Consultants had shown Scott losing his recall by 61% – 39%, and campaign finance reports filed as of last week show that the MEA contributed at least $175,000 to the recall of Scott, with likely more being poured in over the weekend. While it’s disappointing that Scott lost, the decisive swing in voter opinion – from 22 points down to a 50 / 50 split despite the massive MEA spending and national union resources reportedly deployed– make it clear that the pro-reform message was compelling and moved voters in large numbers. StudentsFirst played a significant role in closing that gap, including a significant independent expenditure campaign, with extensive messaging to voters highlighting Paul Scott’s education reform agenda. The messaging was credited in part for the 22-point swing.

See that? They won by losing!

What they don’t tell you is that a poll the week before the election had Scott winning with an 8% margin. They also don’t tell you that they poured hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money into this campaign. At least the MEA money was from our state, unlike Michelle Rhee’s group. And they also don’t mention the fact that Scott lost multiple court fights to prevent the recall from even going forward and that the governor of Michigan was literally knocking doors for him, begging voters not to recall Scott.

So, yeah, paint daisies on that turd all you want, Michelle Rhee. Gloat all you want that your vast money infusion somehow changed things. But, in the end, all your corporate-sourced money was no match for those Michiganders on the right side of the issue and your lackey, Paul Scott, was dutifully sent packing.

Good riddance.