Detroit — November 10, 2011 at 9:34 am

Ace the pit bull from Detroit granted a stay of execution – if he’s still alive


Ace the pit bull from Detroit who faces euthanization today or tomorrow has earned a stay of execution from a Wayne County Circuit judge. (I have written about Ace’s situation HERE and HERE

A groundswell of support to save Ace, the dog taken by animal control last week and whose fate was unknown Wednesday, has helped push a Wayne County Circuit judge to grant a stay of execution and a city leader to mull changing its shelter policies.

The pooch’s plight has also prompted several people to claim ownership and a national animal rights group to get involved.

A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 16 for the injunction, which bars the city from euthanizing any pit bulls resembling Ace, but some are wondering if he hasn’t been euthanized already. The stay was granted Wednesday after Nitta Moses came to claim him Wednesday from the animal shelter on Jefferson. She was denied the dog, despite showing vaccination and other records proving her ownership, said her attorney, Corbett O’Meara.

City policy allows for an unclaimed stray to be euthanized in four days of being found.

“It’s just a shame that the bureaucratic nightmare of Detroit is causing the death of animals who could very well find homes,” O’Meara said.

There are questions regarding whether or not Ace is even still alive. Nitta Moses came forward saying that Ace was stolen from her a few weeks ago. She went with Detroit Dog Rescue staff to retrieve him but was shown a dog without the white patches seen in the photos of Ace so she knew it was not her dog. However, Detroit Animal Control staff insisted that it was and would not show her any other animals. This has animal rescue folks concerned that Ace was euthanized soon after he was taken to DAC and they are now hiding this fact.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Dog Rescue Facebook page is up to 10,732 likes and the Save Ace Facebook page has 14,747.

An information page on Ace and his situation is HERE. I’ll have updates as they become available.