Barack Obama, President Obama — October 17, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Why the HELL did Obama put troops in Africa? I’ll tell you why.


President Obama put troops into Africa to rid the planet and the area around Uganda & Sudan of one of the most evil groups of terrorists you’re likely to ever learn about. From a Christianity Today article from 2006:

Sixty years after Allied soldiers liberated the Nazi death camps, the world stands silent in the face of another holocaust—one so horrifying that U.N. officials call it “one of the worst human-rights crises of the past century.”

The perpetrators commit atrocities with such malevolence that even the most irreligious people familiar with their acts describe them as “unrestrained evil.” The targets of the butchery are children. They rape, mutilate, and kill them with a rapaciousness that staggers the imagination. Worse, they compel children to kill one another and their own families, fighting as “soldiers” in an armed force deliberately composed of children.

Perhaps the greatest atrocity is teaching these children that they spread this carnage by the power of the Holy Spirit to purify the “unrepentant,” twisting Christianity into a religion of horror to their victims. It is spiritual warfare at its very worst, and it could not be more satanic.

Religion of Evil
The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is one of the larger terrorist organizations in the world. It has killed more people than many other violent groups, yet few Westerners have ever heard of it, since nearly all its violence is perpetrated in the border region between Uganda and Sudan in East Africa.

On a continent plagued with endless guerilla warfare, where war crimes are standard fighting fare, the LRA stands apart as an especially odious group. LRA crimes against humanity are so repulsive that its only former ally, the Islamic government of Sudan, jettisoned its relationship with the LRA to improve Sudan’s international relations.

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I’m about as antiwar as a person can be but do you stand by and let this happen? When a small contingent of Americans can do something tangible about it? I’ll come down on the side of “hell no”. If you disagree with that, I’d ask you to read through the Christianity Today article and then come back and chat. I warn you, once you get past the first page, you had better have a strong stomach and a steely heart. You’re gonna need it.

There’s a sample after the jump. Be warned, it’s rough.

LRA child soldiers attack villages, shooting and cutting off people’s lips, ears, hands, feet, or breasts, at times force-feeding the severed body parts to victims’ families. Some cut open the bellies of pregnant women and tear their babies out. Men and women are gang-raped. As a warning to those who might report them to Ugandan authorities, they bore holes in the lips of victims and padlock them shut. Victims are burned alive or beaten to death with machetes and clubs. The murderous task is considered properly executed only when the victim is mutilated beyond recognition and his or her blood spatters the killer’s clothing.

These are children doing these things. Children forced to do so by some insanely evil people.

So, am I okay with President Obama sending 100 our soldiers over there to cut the head off of this evil, beast? Hell yes, I am. Hell yes.

Why the HELL did Obama put troops in Africa? To send demons back to Hell.

And, yeah, Limbaugh defended them this week. Because they’re “Christians”.