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Rep. Paul Scott re-appeals to the Supreme Court, says he’s caused too much confusion for recall to continue


Oh, this is freaking rich.

Lawyers for state Rep. Paul Scott, a Republican from Grand Blanc, will ask the Michigan Supreme Court to reconsider its surprise ruling Thursday to give the green light to a Nov. 8 recall election targeting Scott.


The on-again, off-again nature of the recall, which had been ordered to a halt by lower court rulings before the Supreme Court intervened, has led to too much confusion for voters and elections officials, and “could raise concerns over the validity of the results,” [House Speaker Jase Bolger’s spokesman Ari] Adler said.

On Thursday of last week, I broke the story that the Supreme Court had overruled a lower court’s decision to halt the recall of anti-teacher/anti-union Paul Scott. Now he’s asking the Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling because all of these court decisions are just making it too confusing for voters.

Let’s be clear about this: Any confusion about this recall election in the minds of his District’s voters is entirely caused by Paul Scott himself. Period. If that works in his favor then his mission is accomplished. If it works against him, well, tough rocks, dude. You made that bed.

The anti-union conservative blog CapCon has more blather from Adler:

“It’s confusing to those of us who deal with these kinds of things everyday,” said Bolger spokesman Ari Adler. “Just imagine how confusing it must be to the voters.”


For those representing Scott the effort is no longer to get the election canceled, the goal now is to get the election date moved to Feb. 28.

“We believe we have run the course of due process available to Rep. Scott at this time regarding the recall election being held,” Adler said. “However, the focus now must be on the integrity of such an election. Right now, there is a lot of confusion among election officials and voters regarding whether this election is actually scheduled for Nov. 8 or not. There also is great concern over the integrity of the ballots, as some absentee ballots were distributed with the recall election section voided while others were not.”

Of course they want the election to be in February 2012. That’s when the Republican primary will be and GOP turnout the highest.

Seems to me the Supreme Court, despite their Republican-leaning makeup, has had just about enough of Scott and his lawyers. Between Scott and Bolger, those two alone have clogged up the Michigan courts with endless filings to avoid having to face their voters in November. I look forward to them swatting down this request just as decisively as they did his last one.

Honestly, has anyone ever heard of someone appealing a state Supreme Court decision to the state Supreme Court???

Guy’s got chutzpah, I’ll say that much.