Michigan Republicans — October 18, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Recall target Republican Kurt Damrow gets tossed out Republican Party


Bwahahaha! Even the Republicans don’t want Kurt Damrow around, it seems. Damrow, a Republican who, as I reported today in an A2Politico piece was the target of a failed recall attempt, has been unceremoniously tossed out of the Huron County Republican Party.

The Huron County Republican Party’s Executive Committee voted 18 to 2 to immediately remove 84th District State Rep. Kurt E. Damrow’s membership of the Huron County Republican Party.

During a meeting Tuesday morning at the Peppermill Restaurant in Bad Axe, local Republicans reviewed a seven-page resolution outlining a number of reasons for removing Damrow from the local party.

The reasons included in the resolution cite Damrow’s previous campaign finance issues; inaccurate information being given to local party members regarding a Personal Protection Order Damrow had in 2009; Damrow using his position to garner support for his wife’s parental visitation dispute, using his personal Facebook page, abusing the Huron Kids Facebook page and hosting a public rally as instruments in gaining the support; failing to obey state law and take timely responsibility for a No Proof of Insurance ticket the representative received earlier this year; and unfounded allegations Damrow made to the Michigan State Police against several Huron County persons.

Also, the resolution notes Damrow has done very little to serve Huron County, or exhibit true initiative in the Michigan House of Representatives.

That last bit about “unfounded allegations made to the Michigan State Police” may have him facing a lawsuit from Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson on Thursday said he intends to file a criminal complaint with the Michigan State Police against State Rep. Kurt E. Damrow for filing a false police report.

The complaint is related to the allegations presented by Damrow against various Huron County officials and residents. Damrow forwarded the allegations in a five-page narrative, submitting it to the Michigan State Police legislative liaison for investigation.

After learning of the investigation, Hanson made things public by going to local media in efforts to expedite the investigation.

Though he didn’t have an official copy of what was included in the report, he learned there were a number of “outrageous allegations” against he and other county officials and residents. Hanson feels Damrow made the allegations as a vendetta he has against the sheriff and other elected officials and residents.

Damrow has denied this. He maintains he was merely passing concerns given to him and his office on to the appropriate agency.

MSP officials announced last month the case has been closed because it was determined there was nothing that rose to the level of criminal wrongdoing.

On Thursday, Hanson announced he received the documents he requested from the Michigan State Police through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request last week. The report contains Damrow’s five-page narrative that outlines all the allegations.

“In that document, we have identified nearly 60 points of reference and as many as 80 allegations,” Hanson stated in a press release Thursday. “Very few of those allegations had the appearance that Rep. Damrow may have been passing on information for his constituents. These allegations ranged from minor to very serious in nature.”

Hanson said one of the serious ones was an extortion claim against the sheriff. Damrow claimed the sheriff threatened the operators of the Huron’s Kids Facebook page to take the page down and say slanderous things about Damrow’s wife.

More on that HERE.

Seems to me the Huron County Republicans should have joined in on the recall effort. Seems nobody wants this tea party jerk around.

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