Uncategorized — October 11, 2011 at 4:34 pm

The one-percenters are more than just people who “have nice stuff”


I keep coming back to the derisive douchebaggery of Detroit News‘ editor Nolan Finley where he basically called Occupy Wall Street protesters animals (“menagerie of malcontents”) and people who “resent that some people have nice stuff and others don’t”.

It’s a common refrain among the millionaire/billionaire apologists out there. Many of these people are tea partiers, of course, and the best thing written on that lately came from my friend LOLGOP:

When is somebody going to break the news to the Tea Party that they aren’t the 1%? fb.me/1jKtvjI26

So, is that who we’re talking about here? Just some very nice people that just happen to “have nice stuff”? Not hardly. Have a look at this chart from Mother Jones:

Chart credit: Mother Jones

The one-percenters happen to “have nice stuff” because, unlike the rest of us, those sumbitches have done A-OK thank you very much over the past thirty years. Their average income has gone from around $400,000 a year to over $1 million a year. Meanwhile, the rest of slobs, people who, apparently, don’t “have nice stuff” have stayed steady as she goes at around $31,000 a year. And they’ve managed to do this through some pretty high tax rates by today’s standards. And with regulations. And with deficits.

Just thought I’d point that out so the next time someone around you says these protesters are just a bunch of jealous, dirty fucking hippy communist socialist lazy fucks, you can inform them with confidence that they are completely full of shit.

Because they are.