Uncategorized — October 7, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Obama-supporter Derangement Syndrome


First is was Queen Hamsher declaring that Obama supporters are the “dumbest motherfuckers in the world”. Now there’s this douchebag. He’s Frank Beckman, a far-right radio news personality out of WJR in Detroit.

It is revealing that President Barack Obama’s re-election supporters are embracing the disjointed complaints of the Occupy Wall Street crowd now that union members and the George Soros-backed MoveOn.org gang have organized to join the demonstrations, and presumably co-opt them.

Obama’s financial supporters — and the president by virtue of his silence over their actions — can no longer conceal a plain truth: their ultimate goal is a complete dismantling of the capitalist economic system and America as we know it.

You know, I’ve been thinking there was something I wanted but just couldn’t figure out what it is. Now I know. What I want is the “complete dismantling of the capitalist economic system and America as we know it”. I want to bring down our entire economic system in a fiery crash that takes out the global economic system with it. That’s what “We’re the 99%” means after all: complete and total global economic armageddon.

All along I thought I just wanted fairness, social justice and equal opportunity for all Americans, not just the wealthy elites — the One-percenters. I’m so glad Beckman straightened me out on that.