Michigan Republicans — October 19, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Michigan GOP set to fix another problem that doesn’t exist – making English the official language


Michigan Republicans must live in another world where everything is fine and the only things that need fixing are things that aren’t broken. Earlier this month, they passed a law that makes illegal abortions more illegaler.

Now they want to make English the official language of Michigan. I must have missed the memo telling everyone it wasn’t.

“We’re a nation of immigrants. We’ve come together under one system of government, one Constitution, and that Constitution is in English,” Kurtz added.

With that logic in mind, he sponsored House Bill 4906, which would make English Michigan’s “official state language” on all state and local government documentation.

State Senate Bill 638 also would make English Michigan’s official language, but also require all official actions of the state that “bind or commit” the state or “give the appearance of presenting the official views or position of the state” to be in English.

They don’t mandate that only English be used in government documentation, but rather don’t require agencies to print documents in additional languages, Kurtz said. He said he was unsure of any state requirements for government documents to be printed in additional languages, however.

Good thing we don’t have any real problems in our state like massive unemployment, 16 job seekers for every job opening and rampant bankruptcy of our cities, villages and townships. If those things were happening, Republicans wouldn’t have time to solve nonexistent problems.