Michigan Republicans — October 12, 2011 at 6:33 am

Michigan Republican wants Governor to have MORE power


Well, at least they don’t try to hide it anymore. Republican State Sen. Dave Robertson of Grand Blanc wants the governor to be able to appoint far more people in the government than he already does, saying “the heart of the issue is political power.”

Michigan’s governor appoints about 100 people directly to run the departments of state government, but that’s not enough to wield much influence over policy, says a state senator who would quadruple the number of gubernatorial appointees.

State Sen. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, said term limits (a governor can serve a maximum of two, four-year terms) have created a system in which elected officials have less ability to hire the people they need to carry out their policy agenda.

“We need to empower the top executive to appoint more people who will go deeper into the bureaucracy,” Robertson said. “The heart of the issue is political power.”

If his proposal to let the governor appoint 1% of the state government employees moves forward it would increase the current number by a factor of 4.5. Again, this is all about political power and Robertson has become so intoxicated with his party’s unbridled overreach in Michigan that he doesn’t feel any need to hide it.