Michigan Democratic Party — October 4, 2011 at 11:04 pm

BREAKING! Michigan Democratic Party finally gets involved in recalls – Wahoo! Oh. Wait.


Yup. I got an email today telling me that the Michigan Democratic Party is finally getting involved in various recalls around the state and asking me for money to help with the effort.

Which recalls?

The ones against Democrats.

Fellow Democrats:

Last week, the Michigan Republican Party and its Tea Party allies succeeded in the first steps to recall Democratic State Representatives Jim Townsend (Royal Oak), Lisa Brown (West Bloomfield), and Brandon Dillon (Grand Rapids). The recall language approved was based on their votes AGAINST massive tax breaks for corporations at the expense of schools and seniors and the dictatorial Emergency Financial Manager legislation. Once again, Republicans in Michigan have proven that they don’t care about the middle class in the state, only about their corporate friends and donors.

Starting now, the MDP will be working tirelessly to educate voters and defend these House Democrats against these expensive, distracting, and needless recall efforts. But we can’t do this without your help. Donate now to help us keep legislative Democrats off the recall ballot. Without your contributions, these Democrats could be subject to a recall election on the same date as the Republican presidential primary, which would further tip the scales in the Tea Party’s favor.

The Michigan GOP and Tea Party are already well-funded, and if these recalls are successful, money will flow into the races from groups like the radical and dangerous Americans for Prosperity. We cannot allow out-of-state Republican billionaires and super PACs to dictate the elections and policies inside our state. Donate today to ensure that the MDP can counter these unaccountable, underhanded GOP operatives and stop these recalls.

Thank you in advance for your help, and keep watching your inbox for important information about our efforts to defeat these recalls.


Mark Brewer

P.S. You’ve already donated, so now what? Sign up to volunteer for Democrats online, and help us beat these recall efforts!

They sat on their thumbs for the past six months while progressive groups around the state worked tirelessly to recall some of the more obnoxious and dangerous Republicans in the state Legislature. No financial support. No written or verbal support. Not even one of Mark Brewer’s famous strongly-worded press releases. But now that a couple of our own are under fire, they want money and volunteers.

You know what? I’m guessing that the well will be very, very dry for many Democrats around the state. Why should we help you if you won’t bother to help us?