Bwahahahahaha — October 25, 2011 at 11:25 am

The constitutional hypocrisy of the tea party


I am on a number tea party email lists, just for the occasional laugh. I got one this morning from the Tea Party of West Michigan. The title of the email was “A message to all members of Tea Party of West Michigan: WE NEED YOU TO GET ACTIVE ON THIS STUFF OR WE WILL LOSE OUR REPUBLIC“.

Here’s a snippet:

You may not realize it but these rules by unelected bureaucrats will affect you. When your internet service provider raises your monthly fee it will be because of these new regulations. When you get lower quality healthcare or less healthcare it will be because of these new regulations. When you lose your job because your company goes under from the weight of these regulations it will hurt YOU.

Now, given that a major mouthpiece for the tea party has recently suggested that businesses stop hiring to hurt the president, the bit about losing your job due to regulations is pretty laughable. But that’s not the part that literally had me shaking my head. Next I read this:

Learn your constitution! It’s not that difficult a document. Here’s a great site for that: Just don’t read into it anything that is not there. That is what the progressives do. You will find that your legislator probably has not read it and you will know as much if not more than he or she from just one reading.

Pretty typical tea party pablum about knowing and reading the Constitution and interpreting it literally. Keep in mind that this is the group whose website’s banner has a comical mispelling in it on every single page: “Influence policy, effect elections, protect the Constitution”. (It should, of course, be “affect”.) Anyway, they are ALL about protecting the Constitution — it’s nearly religious for them.

So, back to the email. The next part was what had me shaking my head:

Call them and remind them that we have a constitution and in that constitution there is an amendment called the tenth amendment. Get your US legislator to write a bill to overrule it.

I know it’s been pointed out before, but, honestly, are these idiots so self-unaware that their “Protect the Constitution” mantra clashes so intensely with their “Repeal the Tenth Amendment” mantra? Even in the same goddam email???

Cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy, thy name is “Tea Party”.

You can read the whole email HERE. Good luck following it.