Detroit — October 21, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Herman Cain’s Detroit rally draws dozens


If there is anyone out there that continues to say that the only reason Barack Obama enjoys such immense popularity among African Americans because he is himself African American, I offer you THIS from Herman Cain’s visit to Detroit:

With the dilapidated Michigan Central Station train depot in the background, Herman Cain made his first visit to Michigan as a presidential candidate and defended his 9-9-9 tax plan as a way to help distressed cities.

“The bottom line, folks, is that 9-9-9 means jobs jobs jobs,” he said to several dozen people gathered in Detroit to hear him speak. “Let’s renew the economy of this nation.”

To be fair, the Detroit News put the number at “more than 100”. They couldn’t say “hundreds” so the next step down is “dozens” and the News seems to enjoy fluffing Republicans as much as possible – so they went with “more than 100”.

Barack Obama’s first rally in Detroit drew tens of thousands. That was, however, in early summer before the election. Maybe Cain is just building up a head of steam or something. By the way, in the 2010 census, Detroit’s population was 82.7% African American.

During his stop, he said that his fabled “9-9-9” plan would become the “9-0-9” plan for po’ folk.

Cain took heat over his proposal, which replaces the current tax code with a 9% corporate tax, a 9% income tax and a new 9% national sales tax. Opponents have argued the middle part of the plan would increase taxes on the poor, who currently pay little to no taxes.

But Cain fired back Friday, saying in a Detroit speech that those paying no taxes now would continue to pay zero taxes under his plan.

“If you are at or below the poverty level, your plan isn’t 9-9-9 it is 9-0-9,” Cain said. “Say amen y’all. 9-0-9.”

That’s gonna go over really well with all those Republicans out there who have swallowed the lie that “poor people don’t pay any taxes”, I’m sure.

And, dude, “Say amen, y’all. 9-0-9?” How about “Yay for being poor!”??? Is that what you mean?

Jebus…what a blatant pander bear.

Adding… It’s no surprise that Cain didn’t reprise his “blame your own damn self if you’re poor” blather while he was in Michigan today. After all, based on 2010 census data, 37.6 percent of all people were in poverty, and 53.6 percent of children were in poverty. I’m guessing those people aren’t particularly interested in hearing that it’s their own goddam fault.