Uncategorized — October 30, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Herman Cain is tired, people. Quit asking him hard questions.


Is Herman Cain presidential matterial? Not hardly.

Cain…said he plans to “dial back” his campaign and media appearances in order to avoid missteps. Since climbing in the polls, he has had a series of fumbles, forcing him to clarify comments on abortion, immigration and terrorism suspects.

Cain has chalked up the mistakes to a grueling campaign schedule jammed with media interviews. Such itineraries are standard fare on the presidential campaign trail and it is unclear how aggressively he will restrict his schedule.

A former pizza magnate who has never held elected office, Cain is adapting from a longshot candidate hustling for any media attention to a front-runner who must be more selective with his time and disciplined in his message.

“When you’re too tired you’re not on your ‘A game,'” the 65-year-old Georgia businessman told a throng of reporters who greeted the arrival of his bus on the Samford campus.

Let’s pray he doesn’t become president. He might get that mythical “3:00 a.m. phonecall” and say something stupid that causes an international incident or starts a war or something.

In the meantime, people, please quit asking him complicated questions. He’s too tired to answer them without having to later “clarify”. I’d like to give you a sampling of good questions to ask Mr. Cain that will make it easier on everyone.

  • Mr. Cain, how awesome is your 9-9-9 plan?
  • Mr. Cain, which is better, low taxes or lower taxes?
  • Mr. Cain, is it true that your 9-9-9 plan will create so many jobs that we’ll actually have a 110% employment in the USA?
  • Mr. Cain, which is more satisfying, eliminating a regulation that protects the environment or giving a millionaire a tax cut?
  • Mr. Cain, how can we convince the unemployed to be less lazy and be good patriots by getting a job?
  • Mr. Cain, would you please explain again how awesome your 9-9-9 plan is?

Thank you.