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Attention Michigan medical community: Occupy Detroit needs YOU!!!


The organizers of Occupy Detroit are putting out an urgent call to the Michigan medical community. Your help is urgently needed to staff a medical tent at the occupation in Grand Circus Park. From Monica RW at Reach Out Job Search:

A Facebook Logistics page has been set up to coordinate the URGENT NEED medical staff for the Occupy Detroit Movement to continue. Please share this page with others!
The Occupy Detroit movement has placed a call on their Facebook page calling for an urgent need for staff with medical experience to volunteer at the first aid assistance tent in Grand Circus Park.

According to organizer Julia Williams, one of the coordinators of the medical team, the tent is in immediate danger of closing down within 36 hours due to lack of qualified rotating volunteer staff members.

“The Occupy Detroit medical team has put out requests to everyone we can think of, emails have been sent -and will be resent- to physician groups, nurses, and others for staffing assistance, we are coming up empty”, Williams stated.

A dedicated staffer name Helen has been at the tent location since the beginning stages of the occupancy on Friday, October 15th. Williams cited an immediate need exist to relive medical team staff members with volunteers that can provide firm time commitments of attendance.

“Our point person, Helen, has been onsite there since Friday morning 24/7, and is there tonight with no, repeat no assistance. We have made numerous attempts to sign up people with firm time commitments, with only a few stalwarts signing on for scattered times. Our calendar has huge and daily gaps”, she replied.

With the evening temperatures of Southeastern Michigan in past days ranging into the lower 50 to 40 degree levels, need for medical staff at the tent is high to protect occupiers who stay overnight at the makeshift camp location in Grand Circus Park.

“If Occupy Detroit is to maintain a medical first aid tent it needs to have people in it. We need help immediately,” Williams said.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Occupy Detroit for inquiries to volunteer for the medical tent as soon as possible.

An update from Julia Willams says they have shut down the tent due to a lack of staff:

Thanks to kayla9170 for her diary yesterday, we got some interest, the MNA has given us a few hours, but the tent is now closed due to lack of staffing, and we still have gaping holes for credentialled staff. We now have an online sign-up sheet HERE and it’s also available on the “Occupy Detroit” forum both in “volunteers” and “Medical” sections.

Please share this post widely. Thank you.