Uncategorized — September 22, 2011 at 3:11 pm

You won’t have Thad McCotter to say “WHO? Really? For PRESIDENT?” about anymore


Thad McCotter has dropped out of the race for president.

Bye, bye, Thad. We hardly knew ya (by which I mean literally that almost everyone in the country has absolutely no idea who you are or that you were even running for president.)

Livonia Rep. Thaddeus McCotter told The Detroit News this afternoon that he is leaving the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

McCotter says he will give his support to former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and will likely run again for the 11th District congressional seat he’s held since 2003.

McCotter began his long-shot bid for the White House in July, billing himself as the voice for a new generation of conservatives. He campaigned on a dramatic reform of Social Security, and a tougher approach to dealings with China.

I guess Rachel Maddow will have to find someone else to skewer now.

Sadly, this means that there shall be no 12-string guitar-playing by a president in the Rose Garden. Unless, of course, President Obama has been holding out on us.