Uncategorized — September 8, 2011 at 6:36 pm

State Rep. Dave Agema asked to speak at freakazoid “Pastor” Terry Jones’ rally at the Capitol


Want to know how bad things have gotten in Michigan? HERE is how bad. According to the shithead “Pastor” Terry Jones, one of our state representatives, Dave Agema, actually asked if he could speak at Jones’ rally held at the Michigan State Capitol yesterday. According to Jones, Agema “chickened out”. The “he said, he said” afterwards is a Popcorn Moment, to be sure.

The controversial Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones says that state Rep. Dave Agema (R-Grandville) called him and asked to speak at his Wednesday rally but “chickened out” when it came time to stand on the Capitol steps and give a speech about his anti-foreign laws legislation.

“Yeah because he chickened out,” Jones said of Agema. “He called and said he wanted to come and speak. We said that would be fine. That would be great. A little bit later, all of the sudden, he said he couldn’t speak.”

Jones said Agema claimed he had agreed to speak without knowing his schedule, which the pastor said he “found hard to believe.”

“I believe some type of group or interest group got to him and put pressure on him. And of course he backed down,” Jones said. “I mean our politicians are not men of courage, they’re politicians.”

“Rep. Agema did not call Mr. Jones. That is completely untrue,” said Mark Kasvin, a legislative aide to Agema.

Jones’ version of events was followed up by an email from James Terpening, a Lansing area resident who facilitated Jones’ appearances in Lansing.

“I am the rally organizer for Operation Freedom’s Tree that had Terry Jones in Lansing. Agema DID agree to speak and I was the one that spoke to him, when he canceled he called my cell phone and left a voice mail saying he had to cancel and he was sorry which I still have. He wanted to do our rally and only backed out after he had pressure placed on him.”