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YAY!!! Rachel Maddow signs new, multi-year MSNBC contract


My most favoritest television pundit evah, Rachel Maddow, has signed a new, multi-year contract with MSNBC, guaranteeing that we’ll have through the 2012 presidential election.

Her contract was expected to expire next year; now it will remain in effect well past that point, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the contract extension. Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, confirmed the contract extension at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

In an interview here, Ms. Maddow described the new deal as more or less a simple extension of her existing one.

“I’m really, really happy in this job and to have the chance to extend it for a few more years, especially with the year we’re about to have, is a real blessing,” she said. She declined to specify the length of the contract, but said, “This deal was about wanting more years doing what I’ve been doing.”

My highest-traffic day on Eclectablog was a post I did called Rachel Maddow trying to single-handedly change the country’s trajectory . It was also my most popular Daily Kos diary ever.

I’ve been listening to Rachel Maddow since she was on Air America. I couldn’t possibly be happier to watch her trajectory take this steeply vertical path.

Thanks for everything, Rachel. We love you!

Oh, and here’s one of the reasons I Iove Rachel, above and beyond her brilliance and talent: