Michigan Democratic Party — August 8, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Michigan Dems take an active role in recalls. WISCONSIN recalls, that is, NOT Michigan’s.


After I wrote about the Michigan Democratic Party’s lack of involvement in the recall efforts in Michigan, I got quite an earful by higher-ups in the organization. I was accused of sabotaging the Michigan Dems and hurting their efforts. As you might imagine, I was not sympathetic nor was I particularly persuaded given that their efforts in the recall situation were nonexistent.

This past week, they finally decided to get involved in recall efforts spawned by Republican overreach. The unfortunate thing is that they are still not getting involved in MICHIGAN recalls. Rather, they are getting involved in the WISCONSIN recalls.

From: Kevin Hrit
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 11:06 AM
Subject: ACTION ALERT: Information on supporting Democrats in Wisconsin

County, District, Club, and Caucus Chairs,

We have been contacted by the Wisconsin Democratic Party to help support their election efforts as they hit the home stretch for the August 9th and August 16th elections.

As you know, if Democrats are successful in these elections in Wisconsin, it will send a very clear and direct message to Republicans throughout the country that their time is up and the attacks on working families must stop.

Here are a few ways that we can help:

1. Putting up facebook status with a link to www.wisdems.org/outofstate
2. Creating a tweet with a link to www.wisdems.org/outofstate
3. Make calls using the Virtual Phone bank at action.wisdems.org

On Tuesday August 9th, six Democratic challengers are facing six Republican incumbents and if Democrats win three of thse races control of the Wisconsin State Senate will switch to the Democratic Party. On Tuesday August 16th, two Democratic incumbents are facing challenges and need to be defended in order to keep control of the Wisconsin State Senate.

Thanks for spreading the word. Feel free to forward this email along to your members and networks so they have the information to get involved in this effort.

In solidarity,

Kevin Hrit
Political Organizing Director
Michigan Democratic Party

In solidarity? Please. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for helping out our brothers and sisters in other beleaguered states. I, myself, have participated in numerous OFA phonebanks to help with elections in other states.

BUT! In this instance, many of us have been calling upon — hell, practically BEGGING — the MDP to get on board with the various recalls in our state and our calls have fallen on deaf ears. To see them now promoting recall efforts in other states is particularly galling.

If you think the Michigan Democratic Party should be spending some of their time recruiting for MICHIGAN recall efforts rather than exclusively for those in other states, I highly suggest you contact them. Contact info is HERE. Their Facebook page is HERE.

You might also consider attending their “Ideas Convention” in November.

Adding…Still not a single mention of the MICHIGAN recalls on the MDP website.