Bwahahahahaha — August 16, 2011 at 6:33 am

Michele Bachmann is the gift that has only begun giving


Liar, liar, pants on fire.

On her victory lap of Iowa yesterday, Straw Poll winner Rep. Michele Bachmann paid repeated tribute to her local roots, and repeatedly mentioned her family reunion that day, citing it as an excuse for her late arrival at a local party event in Waterloo.

But Bachmann’s mother and two cousins told POLITICO’s Emily Schultheis that Bachmann didn’t attend the reunion, though her husband and children did. Her spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, didn’t respond to two emails asking for an explanation of the disparity.

Why lie about an empirical fact that is easily proven to be a lie? Is she such a novice that she doesn’t think someone is going to check it out, find out what she did at the family reunion? She just won the Ames Iowa straw poll making her the hottest ticket in the GOP (today.)

But, as my wife points out, the funniest part about this is that her mom and cousins threw her under the campaign bus.

Michele, a bit of advice here: if you’re going to lie about your whereabouts, you should let the folks where you said you were know so that they are in on the lie with you. Otherwise you look foolish(er).

UPDATE: As Rachel Maddow explained last night, the Ames Iowa Straw Poll is basically a fundraiser for the Iowa Republican Party. It costs $30 to vote in it. Michele Bachmann purchased 6,000 ballots and handed them out to people. She received a total of 4,823 votes.