Eclectalife — August 19, 2011 at 10:12 am

The magic mushroom of Dexter, Part II: The Fairy Ring


Remember my post about the 12-inch wide, 10-inch tall mushroom in my backyard?

It had babies:

This is known as a fairy ring. The original shroom threw out a bunch of spores around itself. It’s long gone but the spores have taken off.

Too bad we’ll be gone for a few days while they are at their peak. Our housesitter will enjoy them. They aren’t edible, though. I’m pretty sure they are Green-spored Lepiota. Here’s the description from the shroom guide:

A drastic sickener, causing one to two or more days of violent purging.

Nom, nom.

It can kill dogs, too, so I just got rid of ’em.