Barack Obama, Eclectalife, President Obama, Recall Rick Snyder — August 29, 2011 at 10:09 am

I’m baaa-aaaack!


Thanks for your patience while I enjoyed some time off from blogging to enjoy The Most Beautiful Place in America with my most beautiful wife. If you you checked in at Eclectablog through last Tuesday, you probably saw some photos from our trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Leelanau Peninsula in “the pinky” of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. I’ll have a piece up at A2Politico later this week about the impact of being named The Most Beautiful Place in America on the local economy of the area.

We returned home Wednesday night and discovered the next morning that our well pump had given up the ghost. This is annoying (and expensive) on its own but the fact that I had been camping for seven days hadn’t showered made it really “uncomfortable”. We finally got water back Friday which gave us only one day to get ready for a dinner party the next day. Awesome.

We also had to tend to our garden which went crazy in the week we were gone. Our cherry tomato plants are 8 feet tall, out Speckled Romans are over six feet tall and we had four zucchinis that were about two feet long (oops). Anne made a faux apple crisp with zucchinis that was indistinguishable from the real thing. We harvested one Gold Medal tomato that was bigger than a softball and just under three pounds. Totally not kidding. (By the way, that’s an antique produce scale we picked up during a visit to see my daughter in Wooster, Ohio a few weeks back. Isn’t it spiffy?!)

At any rate, that’s all the Eclectanews that’s fit to print. I think the best part of our trip was that there were no mosquitoes up north. I’m pretty sure they’re all in our back yard.

Here are a few Michigan-related tidbits to tide you over until I get my blogging feet back under me.

Finally, although Republicans are experiencing a “Summer of (not) Love” across the country on their summer breaks where constiuents give them the what-for about the economy, jobs, and political hostage-taking, my own Congressman, Tim Walberg, seems to be keeping a very low profile. The only place where he announced any (two) public meetings was a page buried deep on his website and the few he has posted pictures of look pretty sparsely attended. Funny thing, if you don’t announce your public meetings, very few people, except your closest supporters, tend to show up.

Look! It’s a 13-person “crowd”!

How did we end up losing to this guy???