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Help out a buddy for me? All he needs is your vote NOW!


A friend of mine has a remix of Alicia Keys’ “Rock Wit U” in a competition and is on the event horizon of 1st and 2nd place. So, how can you all help, you ask? Easy, you just have to vote for him. With YOUR vote, he could be firmly in first place. Gotta do it NOW, though because voting ends today.

Friends and families,

I write to you today to ask a small favor. As many of you know I’m not just a parasite-child leeching off of my parent’s money for no reason, you see, I’m also musician who is lactose intolerant and could be suffering hair loss, psoriasis, diabetes, or just hypochondria.

Instead of finding a job, for the past few weeks I’ve slaved away at remixing an Alicia Keys song, titled “Rock Wit U (CUEUP REMIX)”, for a remix contest online. In order to win, I need some online votes! What will I win? SEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS. Oops, sorry my finger slipped, I meant to type five hundred dollars. But I’m more after just trying to get my name out there (The top three winners get their song placed on Alicia’s website for a week.)

In all honesty, I’m quite proud of my remix. It’s gotten some nice comments on the site like, “Solid intro already. Cool modulation effects.” and “Stevie Wonder swag.”

So how can you all help, you ask? Easy, you just have to vote for me. http://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/alicia-keys-rock-wit-u/submissions/68020

The good news is you don’t have to sign up for a BS account to vote or anything. You just have to enter your email address so they know you’re human (you can just uncheck the box that says you’d like to receive news and updates.) You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your vote and then it’s done. After that? Forward this to ten friends or you’ll have bad luck for ten years. The only way to break the spell is to look in a mirror at midnight on a full moon and say, “ALICIA KEYS!” SEVENTY MILLION TIMES. Oops, there I go again… five hundred times.

Thanks folks!

Michael Malarkey