LOLGOP — August 11, 2011 at 2:00 pm

A2Politico: My most-hilarious interview with Pete Nicely of LOLGOP


UPDATE: The full LOLGOP/Eclectablog interview can now be found HERE.

My piece this week at A2Politico is a don’t-miss interview with “Pete Nicely”, the man behind LOLGOP. I won’t ruin the experience by putting much here but you really owe it to yourself to click through and read the whole thing.

This. Dude. Is. Funny!

In Ann Arbor, a man who goes by the grin-inducing name of “Pete Nicely” has stepped up to create an online presence that uses satire, snark, incisive wit and downright comedy to poke fun at the Republicans and their many absurdities. His Twitter feed and Facebook page are called “LOLGOP” (LOL = laughing out loud for the netspeak-impaired.) He has an eviable Twitter audience of around 7,000 followers and and nearly 4,000 people “Like” his fan page on Facebook.

Pete Nicely is a prolific tweeter, posting dozens upon dozens of hilarious tweets and retweets daily. To appreciate much of his hilarity, you must be knowledgable in current political events and appreciate biting satire.


Pete Nicely took a break from tweeting to answer a few questions for A2Politico.

How long has LOLGOP been around and how did you get started? Were you basically born to LOL at the GOP?

Pete Nicely: For years, Republicans have gotten their news from clowns. In early 2009, I heard Glenn Beck on national television describe Health Care Reform as President Obama’s attempt to get “reparations.” That’s beyond good taste. It’s beyond satire and propaganda. It’s insanity. So I thought: I can do that. The Facebook page was launched that spring.

How do you describe what you do as LOLGOP and why do you do it? An inexpensive alternative to therapy, maybe?

Pete Nicely: I think of it as my never-ending skirmish in the war of ideas. How we frame our politics is a key to progress, as any George Lakoff fan will tell you. I can’t watch the yelling shows on cable news without shouting talking points at the screen. Tweeting is much quieter. The cops haven’t been to my house once for a domestic dispute since I started the page.

Repeating key concepts in new ways and sharing smart things others say are extremely important to me. I used to get furious because Republicans are so good at repeating lies and the Democrats can’t stick to a message like SAVE THE MIDDLE CLASS! Now I realize Democrats do something similar. They repeat internalized criticism. They say, “The Stimulus was too small,” when they need to say, “We need a jobs bill for the middle class now.” I want to teach liberals to scream in perfect harmony.

When it comes to LOLGOP tweeting: stream of consciousness or premeditated tweeting?

Pete Nicely: I usually sit down with an idea. Then my Twitter feed and RSS feed rumble me like some bad Thai food. I have to spew.

Be sure to read the entire interview. You’ll LOL at LOLGOP.