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Washington Post taking nominations for the best state blogs


Know any good state blogs? The Washington Post needs your nominations:

More than two years ago, we put out a call to Fixistas around the country to help us build a list of the best political blog (or blogs) in each of the 50 states.

Well, a lot changes in two years — Fix Jr. was but a wee sprout back then — particularly in politics. During that time, some of the blogs that made our original list stopped publishing while other great ones popped up. (Check out our 2009 best state-based blog list as a reference point.)

With the 2012 election drawing nearer, we thought now was the perfect time to update our list. But, we need your help!

The task is simple: We are looking for the blog that is the must-read for political junkies in every one of the 50 states.

Offer your nominees in the comments section below. We’ll sift through the suggestions and when we have at least one blog for every state, we’ll publish the full list in this space.

Get to it!

I can think of some in Michigan. How about you?