Uncategorized — July 1, 2011 at 10:25 am

So THIS is where Politico gets their hot tips at the state level!


Well, this is inneresting:

Mike Allen following Eclectablog? He must want to know what’s going on in Michigan. I mean it’s not like the Detroit Free Press or the Detroit News are giving the left’s fight against Republican overreach a fair shake, are they? Allen’s not going to pick up news about, say, a 6,000+ person union rally on the steps of the Michigan Capitol building from them, eh? Or about the Pontiac Emergency Manager outsourcing the city’s water treatment to a company facing federal indictment on 26 felony counts for violations of the Clean Water Act. And he’s certainly not going to read about the GOP House Speaker spending oodles of dollars to fight his recall through frivolous lawsuits in our state’s two biggest newspapers, right?

Gotta go to the blogs for that kind of news.

Honestly, the state of our “free press” is pathetic. It’s frightening, actually. How on earth can we have a legitimate democracy when our media doesn’t give voters enough information to make an informed decision???

[Le sigh…]