GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail — July 8, 2011 at 11:00 am

Breaking election fundraising laws is okay in Michigan – If you are a Republican


Well, isn’t this special???

Area Democrats want to know why Gov. Rick Snyder used his staff and local county governments to spread invitations to a Grand Traverse County Republican Party fundraiser.

Greg Andrews, the governor’s Marquette-based northern Michigan representative, sent an email to local governments that encouraged officials to attend the Governor’s Breakfast on Saturday during the National Cherry Festival.

The breakfast is a traditional event that acts as a fundraiser for the local Democratic or Republican party before the Cherry Royale Parade.

The email was referred to Prosecutor Alan Schneider, who said he won’t take action.

Schneider said a recent state Supreme Court decision determined that the use of even one taxpayer-funded keystroke for political fundraising violates state law, though it has to be a knowing violation.

So, if you control the local prosecutor’s office and your political party members break the law, that’s totally fine, no problem, go right ahead. Because the prosecutor won’t … you know … prosecute. The dude KNOWS it’s a violation but still won’t prosecute. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to find out that Schneider is a Republican who has donated $810 to the Grand Traverse County Republican Party since 2004.

Even Snyder’s own spokesperson admits that it was “absolutely not appropriate” and “a very serious lack of judgment”.

Blatant illegality and the GOP gets away with it. IOKIYAR.

Oh, and in case you aren’t totally sure Rick Snyder and Greg Andrews are buds, here’s a photo from Andrews’ Facebook Page from last summer: