Michigan Democratic Party — June 3, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Wisconsin Dems push recall of Walker. Michigan Dems hand out Monopoly money.


Not to beat a dead horse but for eff’s sake, could the Michigan Democratic Party look any more useless? Today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin announced it is not backing down from its effort to recall the pathetic Governor Scott Walker.

There’s a long way to go, and the goal seems like a very tough one to reach, but Wisconsin Democrats are set to go for it: They will announce at their annual convention later today that they intend to launch an effort to recall the ultimate target — Scott Walker himself.

Mike Tate, the chairman of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, will reveal the plan in a speech today at the convention in Milwaukee, according to advance excerpts of the speech that were sent my way.

“We will not stand down — and next year, we will recall Scott Walker from office,” Tate will tell the crowd, according to the excerpts. “We will begin to repar the damage done to this state and we will begin a new with a Democratic Governor who will fight for our children, who will fight for our families, our teachers and our firefighters. We will fight for the people — not the powerful.”

That’s the chair of their state party talking there. Tough words. Fighting words. Motivating words.

What’s the Michigan Democratic Party doing? Handing out Community Chest and Chance cards and Monopoly money. No shit.

“In Governor Snyder’s ‘Michigan Monopoly’ game, Snyder and his corporate buddies hold all the cards and get rich while everyone else in Michigan suffers,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer said. “Corporations are taking money from seniors, kids, middle class families, and low-wage workers just so CEOs can enjoy a nearly $2 billion tax windfall. Snyder and his buddies are busy hoarding Boardwalk and Park Place while everyone else is stuck on Baltic Avenue.”

“Snyder and the wealthy are passing ‘go’ and collecting $2 billion while the rest of us are left to pay the higher taxes, and endure cuts to public education and public safety,” added Brewer. “That’s not how we ‘reinvent’ Michigan, that’s how we ruin Michigan.”

The Michigan Democratic Party will be reminding people on the island about Snyder’s “Michigan Monopoly” by handing out Snyder’s “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards attached to Monopoly money.

They are also submitting their version of the Senate redistricting map which, of course, the Republicans will then set on fire and use to light their cigars with.

This is so embarrassing…