Recall Rick Snyder — June 4, 2011 at 10:20 am

Recalling Rick Snyder – Volunteers needed


The effort to recall Rick Snyder is underway and they are in need of volunteers. Fortunately, they are being given a huge shot in the arm by the most powerful liberal blogging site on the internet, Daily Kos.

At Daily Kos, we are joining this recall effort. Our first step will be running Facebook and Google ads across the entire state of Michigan to quickly sign up 10,000 volunteers to gather recall petition signatures. Typically, using online ads costs about $2 per sign up, so we’re going to need $20,000 to pull this off. Can you contribute $6 to Daily Kos, to help us sign up three of the 10,000 volunteers needed to recall Rick Snyder?

The first versions of the ads we intend to run across the entire state of Michigan are on the right side of this article. Goal Thermometer Every day, we will test a new ad against the current one we are running, so that we make sure the campaign is optimized to sign up as many people as possible. Once people sign up, they will be quickly connected to the local petition gathering operation in their county, thereby immediately turning these online ads into boots on the ground.

As of this writing, Daily Kos has, in fact, raised nearly $23,000. I have been in contact with Daily Kos folks who are spearheading this initiative and have learned that it was, in large part, my banging of the drum at Daily Kos about the Snyder recall effort that encouraged them to take this on, a point of pride for me. Also, I learned that they are giving organizing assistance to the folks.

So far, close to 2,000 volunteers have signed up to help with distribution of petitions but far more are needed. If you’d like to volunteer, click HERE. Note that I am being paid $2.50 per volunteer that signs up via that website. However, given that (a) my writing at Daily Kos help spur their involvement and (b) I was on board with the recall long before Daily Kos “hired” me to help recruit, I feel satisfied that there is no conflict of interest.

If you’d like to find out where you can sign a petition, I recommend going to the website, getting a free account throught the Community tab, and then finding the forum for your area. Their Facebook page is also a great source for information as is their Twitter feed.

Finally, I have been asked by the recall volunteers in Jackson, Michigan to let everyone know that will have a stationary recall petition at Jackson County Dems office at 500 W Michigan Ave 49202. It is a yellow building on the corner of Wildwood, Steward and Louis Glick Hwy. The sign on the Louis Glick side of the building says Chase Properties. You can get more information about signing events, etc. at the Jackson Dems Facebook page.

UPDATED: Turns out that, despite his repeated opposition to the recall effort, Eric Baerren at MichLib isn’t above profiting from it. In a front page post this morning, he reveals that he, too, has been hired by Daily Kos to recruit volunteers. Has Eric had a change of heart? No, he is still against the recall. He’s not, however, above making a buck from it. Good to know his heart wallet is in the right place. Principles!