Michigan Democratic Party — May 19, 2011 at 8:34 am

Eclectablog gets a byline – A2Politico


I am happy to announce that I have been offered a “job” writing a column for the Ann Arbor-based A2Politico.com website. The weekly column is under the byline “Savaged” (based on my last name, of course.) I’ll be writing about national and state politics as they relate to Michigan.

This is a first for me. I’ve never been paid to write or give my opinions before and, although I won’t be quitting my day job, I’m thrilled at the chance.

A2Politico fills an rather empty niche in the Michigan media and political scene, particularly in the Ann Arbor area. With the demise of most of the print media outlets, particularly the Ann Arbor News, the void has only been partially filled by AnnArbor.com. Though AnnArbor.com does have some political coverage, they have a very small staff and their coverage of the local and state political scene is rather limited.

A2Politico, or A2P as it is often called, has sharp writers and takes chances that an advertiser-driven site like AnnArbor.com cannot or will not take.

I’m excited about A2P and think it has great potential. With AnnArbor.com apparently struggling, there may very well come a day when A2P is the only game in town for good political writing.

My first piece is up now titled “Michigan Democratic Party Lacking Leadership From Chair Mark Brewer”. It is about the lack of support being given by the Michigan Democratic Party to the now-dismissed City Commission of Benton Harbor. And, don’t worry, my aim is not to spend all of my time taking shots at Democrats. There are many more political dragons to slay in our state. I hope to be taking my shots at them at A2P for a long time to come.