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Vermont Senate follows House by passing single payer healthcare bill


This is absolutely fabulous news:

The [Vermont] state Senate gave preliminary approval Monday to health care legislation that is a key part of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s agenda.

The bill, a version of which already has been passed by the House, would put Vermont on a path toward what it calls a “universal and unified health system” and what the Democratic governor calls single-payer health care, with the objective of ensuring health insurance coverage for every resident.

The Senate legislation won initial approval on a 21-8 vote and is due for final action Tuesday. It calls for setting up a health care marketplace, called an exchange, in keeping with federal health care legislation. It also sets up a board that would review and approve designs for a publicly financed program available to all residents.

Now it’s off to a conference committee to work out the differences between the House and Senate bills before it’s sent to Governor Peter Shumlin for his signature.

This is how Canada got single-payer healthcare. It started in one Province then, over time, after some mishaps and corrections, spread across the entire country. The father of modern day Medicare is Tommy Douglas who began the program in Saskatchewan.

I pray this happens here, too.

I’m just sayin’…