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Netroots for the Troops – Where “Support the Troops” actually means something


Hi. I’m back again to talk about Netroots for the Troops, a project aimed at providing 600 CARE packages to men and women in the military who are stationed overseas.

As I mentioned in my last blog about this, I have set up a team called “Team Eclectablog” (original, eh?) and have given myself a goal of raising $2,500 for the cause. Right now, I’m at a paultry 18% of my goal. So, I need you, my fine EclectaFans to dig deep and help us out.

Here’s a video from last year’s event:

You can read my full write-up of the event with lotsa photos here: Netroots for the Troops – Here’s what we did.

What we did was assemble 300 CARE packages, each of which contained the following items:

2 pairs of Mechanics gloves (L and XL)
1 sand scarf
1 pair high-quality, sand-proof sunglasses
can of coffee
12 disposable razors
baby wipes
adult flushable wipes
small pack of hotel sized toiletries
trail mix
beef jerky
2 DVDs donated by Redbox
2 decks of cards

The goal for 2011 is 600 Care Packages assembled in Minneapolis, that equates to approximately $100,000.00. Here’s what 300 looked like last year. Imagine twice that many:

So, whattaya say? Are ya in for a few bucks?

You can donate to Team Eclectablog by clicking HERE.

You can also help by spreading the word. Share this on your Facebook page. Tell your friends and family. Because, as I said before, no matter how you feel about America’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, the fact remains that thousands of our young men and women in uniform are in harms way every single day as part of the armed forces. Many people [cough, cough Republicans cough] SAY “Support the troops”. But there aren’t all that many people that DO support them. This is a way for you give directly to them. No middlemen. No overhead. Just a direct contribution, efficiently spent and maximized by the Netroots for the Troops organization, that goes right into the hands of the men and women that need it.

One more thing: I’m on a personal mission to see if we can get Rachel Maddow to promote Netroots for the Troops on her show. Please tweet this to her, email her, tell her cousin Vinny to talk to her about it, whatever you can. This is a VERY worthy project and her devotion to ensuring that our men and women in uniform are taken care of makes me think this might be something she would be VERY interested in.

Thanks so very much.

I’m just sayin’…