Benton Harbor — April 27, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Liveblogging the Benton Harbor rally/march


Well, it’s a rainy day but that hasn’t stopped organizers in Benton Harbor from moving forward with their planned rally and march. We have relocated the staging location to the Benton Harbor library, across the street from the City Hall.

It’s a full house with at least 250 people crammed into the library’s auditorium.

Organizer John Waltz from Heartland Revolution announcing a recall of Congressman Ray Pscholka begins TODAY!

Benton Harbor Mayor Wilce Cooke speaks:

A young Benton Harbor organizer, Trenton Bowens, speaks about the recall efforts of both Pscholka and Governor Snyder.

12:45 – Reverend Bullock from Detroit and Rainbow/PUSH speaking now. “We need a surgeon, not at axe murderer!”

“You can’t cut your way to growth.”

“We need a JOBS program, not a jobs TRAINING program.”

12:54 – The sun is coming out and we’re heading outside.

Button being sold: “Thank you, Rachel Maddow!”

Marching through Benton Harbor, at least 300 strong:

1:26 – At City Hall. Look at the sign on the right side of the building and you’ll see that this is also the Fire Department. This is where the union firefighters work that EFM Joe Harris has “right where he wants them”.

Reverend Edward Pinkney exhorts the crowd in front of City Hall. Rev. Pinkney is a local activist and fighter for social change and progress in Benton Harbor.

Things are wrapping up, orgNizers are networking and making plans for the future, particularly the upcoming parade where Snyder will be the Grand Marshal. Turns out Al Pscholka will be in the parade as well.

Benton Harbor will be ready for them.

The south end of Jean Klock Park, where the rich people live.

I’m just sayin’…