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Fracking millionaire claims “There’s no such thing as clean coal” 2 weeks before his natural gas disaster


Last week, I wrote about a millionaire natural gas tycoon named Aubrey McClendon and his ties to Michigan. I also wrote about the man-made disaster his company Chesapeake Oil has created in Pennsylvania when one of their natural gas wells blew up and spewed thousands of gallons of chemical soup into the surrounding land an into a creek that leads into the Susquehanna River and out into Chesapeake Bay.

Funny thing is, less than two weeks before his fracking oil well blew up, McClendon was interviewed and said there has been no “lasting environmental damage” from fracking and “there is no such thing as clean coal

Issues of water contamination in Northeast Pennsylvania are due to the region’s geology, and they have not – and likely will not – be seen elsewhere, the chief executive of Chesapeake Energy Corp. told reporters and editors at a business journalism conference Friday.

Aubrey McClendon, CEO of the Oklahoma City, Okla.-based company, said the drilling issue with Northeast Pennsylvania’s “very unusual surface geology” has been solved and should hopefully mean there are no future incidents of water contamination, but did not elaborate on what contamination incidents he was referring to.

There has been no “lasting environmental damage” from hydraulic fracturing drilling, he added.


Mr. McClendon went on to say “there is no such thing as clean coal” and blasted efforts to produce clean coal as a “waste of money.”

It must be so annoying when you get distracted from your plans to develop a former state park in Oklahoma and a sensitive duneland in Michigan with some stupid little disaster caused by your company in another state. Someone should bring that man a scotch. And a cigar.

I’m just sayin’…