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Eric Cantor is so out of touch he doesn’t even know when tax day is


Fer cryin’ out loud, I thought these guys were tax freaks? House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a guy who steeps himself in tea party rhetoric with every breath and oozes tea from ever pore, is, apparently, so completely out of touch with the everyday lives of average Americans that he doesn’t even know when Tax Day is this year.

Leader Cantor Responds to President Obama’s Tax Hike Speech

I had an opportunity today to go to the White House with Speaker Boehner and the other leaders in the House and the Senate. We had a very serious discussion with the President. His request was for all of us to be very mindful of the challenges that we face and to have an adult conversation to come to a resolution. Then the President delivers a speech in which the only concrete proposal that he offered was raising taxes. That solution falls far short of dealing with the kind of debt crisis that we’re facing in this country. Raising taxes is not what we need right now two days before tax day, especially while we are trying to get job creators back into the game.

Oh yes, Congressman Cantor, you are oh-so “very serious”. But here’s the thing: Tax Day 2011 is not two days from yesterday. This year it’s on April 18th which is … [gets out calculator, calculates…] … FIVE days from yesterday.

Jan. 4, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today opened the 2011 tax filing season by announcing that taxpayers have until April 18 to file their tax returns. The IRS reminded taxpayers impacted by recent tax law changes that using e-file is the best way to ensure accurate tax returns and get faster refunds.

Taxpayers will have until Monday, April 18 to file their 2010 tax returns and pay any tax due because Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in the District of Columbia, falls this year on Friday, April 15. By law, District of Columbia holidays impact tax deadlines in the same way that federal holidays do; therefore, all taxpayers will have three extra days to file this year. Taxpayers requesting an extension will have until Oct. 17 to file their 2010 tax returns.

The GOP leadership is so unbelievably out of touch that the things that concern the rest of us average Americans fly completely below their radar. And he’s someone making laws that affect us all.

Puh. Thet. Ick.

I’m just sayin’…