Uncategorized — April 26, 2011 at 6:45 am

Dems gather enough signatures to recall a 6th Republican, Republican recall efforts bomb


Oh, hardee har har har.

Yesterday, the group collecting signatures to recall Wisconsin Senator Robert Cowles announced they have enough signatures to put his recall on the ballot. That makes the sixth such announcement since the wave of recall campaigns began. Six down, two to go.

Meanwhile, Republican efforts to recall two three Democrats crapped out.

A recall effort targeting two Democratic state senators has fallen short at the deadline.

Organizers had until Monday afternoon to turn in petitions to recall Sen. Lena Taylor of Milwaukee and Sen. Fred Risser of Madison. But the organizers failed to meet the deadline.

Also, too:

A spokesman for the group trying to recall Senator Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee says it won’t be filing petitions with the state this week, either.

Petitions for recalling Coggs and Senator Mark Miller of Monona are due Tuesday.

Seems the days in office are numbered for some GOP types in Wisconsin. Remember, all they need to do is flip three seats and they get the majority back in the Senate. That’s looking more achievable all the time. Might just give Scott Walker a sad.

I’m just sayin’…