Bwahahahahaha — April 1, 2011 at 7:37 pm

Bring back the left-handed Whopper!


Man, remember these?


Burger King UK today announced the launch of its latest salvo in the battle of the Burger Wars – the new left-handed Whopper – which will become available nation-wide tomorrow April 1.

The UK’s most preferred hamburger will still consist of lettuce, onions, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and four-ounce flame-grilled hamburger patty, but the sandwich has been re-designed to fit more comfortably in the left hand. This will result in fewer condiment ‘spills’ for left-handed hamburger lovers.

The new Left-Handed Whopper will have all the condiments rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the sandwich so that the bulk of them skew to the left.

“We have always been proud of the fact that we offered 1,024 ways to order our flagship Whopper sandwich, now we are offering 1,025 ways! It’s the ultimate ‘Have It Your Way’ for our left-handed customers,” says Lorraine Thomson, Marketing Director for Burger King UK.

The Left Handed Club estimates that nearly 11 million left-handed customers visit Burger King restaurants in the UK each year. Lauren Milsom from the Club comments: “We are delighted that Burger King has recognised the difficulties of holding a hamburger in your left hand that has a natural right bias to it. We urge all left handed hamburger lovers to visit their nearest Burger King and taste the difference for themselves.”

Initially, the Left-Handed Whopper will only be available in the UK, however Burger King is considering plans to roll it out to other countries with large left handed populations.

Those were the good old days

I’m just sayin’…