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New record being set at University of Michigan


The University of Michigan set a new record this week. And it’s not one I think is particularly pride-worthy, quite frankly.

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke finalized his salary with the university earlier this week when he signed a six-year contract with an average annual compensation of $3.25 million.

Seriously? $3.25 MILLION a freaking YEAR??? All these cries about how cutting the budget of higher education is hurting U of M so bad start to ring a bit false when you learn about something like this, don’t they?

Look, I realize the football program brings in skabillions of dollars but it’s pretty hard to stomach an athletic coach being valued at that level. I wonder what the doctors at their teaching hospital — a world-class teaching hospital, I might add — are bringing home annually? I’ll bet it doesn’t approach $3.25 million a year. Not by a long shot.

Meanwhile, at my alma mater, Michigan State University, the football program is in the news, too:

[Former Michigan State Football player Stanley] McClover said he was given cash in handshakes from boosters at Michigan State and LSU, received sexual favors at Ohio State and was eventually given a bookbag filled with cash at Auburn.

I can’t imagine where these kids get the idea that football is all about how much money you can make.

Oh. Wait….

I’m just sayin’…