Rick Snyder — March 18, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Hundreds of Lansing high school students protest at Michigan Capitol building


This is positively brilliant and happened just this morning:

Hundreds of protesting high school students face disciplinary action

Lansing School District officials have confirmed that more 300 students face possible suspension for skipping school today to protest education cuts at the Capitol.

“According to the Lansing schools code of conduct, participation in (the protest) is a non-excused absence, which does warrant some level of disciplinary action,” said Annie Rzepecki, spokeswoman for the Lansing School District. “That has yet to be determined.

Rzepecki said the disciplinary action could include suspension.

This morning, students from Eastern, Everett and Sexton high schools descended on the Capitol, mainly to protest cuts to K-12 education proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The largest group of students – about 200 from Eastern High School – marched about 11 blocks from the school’s parking lot along the sidewalks to the Capitol, where they congregated on the building’s steps with other students from Everett and Sexton high schools.

Many waved picket signs that read “No Cuts to Education” and “We’re walking out because we’re not giving in!” before the group moved into the Capitol rotunda, filling all three floors and chanting “Save our Schools!” and “No More Cuts!”

Go get ’em, kids!

Also, too, the University of Michigan Board of Regents voted yesterday to have Governor Rick Snyder as the Spring Commencement speaker, despite the protests by students. Hopefully Michigan Dems will use this as a golden opportunity to point out the GOPocrisy of a governor who is harming education to benefit corporations speaking at a graduation ceremony.

I’m just sayin’…