Uncategorized — March 30, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Huffington Post jumps the shark (backwards in a tutu)


Oh, for crying out loud. This is insipid and then some.

Since the launch of Huffington Post Divorce in November of last year, “The Moment I Knew” has been a critical part of our DNA. The idea turns the traditional concept on its head, asking readers to share, via Twitter, the moment they knew their marriages were over.

When we put out the initial call for responses (hashtag: #themomentiknew), the feedback was overwhelming. In 140 characters or less, readers vented about some of their most profoundly intimate moments…


So I’m excited to announce that, on the evening of Tuesday, April 5th, we’ll be taking “The Moment I Knew” offline for the first time, with the help of meetup.com…[F]for NY and LA Huffington Post readers, there’s no need to plan anything, because we’ll be your hosts: for the Moment I Knew Meetup in these cities, we’re planning a fantastic lineup of special guests to share their “Moment I Knew” stories over cocktails at two terrific venues. See below for details on that, as well as our incredible lineup of authors, comedians, and HuffPost bloggers which includes a pair of exes performing on both coasts (Brooke Van Poppelen and Tony Sam)!

It’s bad enought that they have a “Divorce Editor” in the first place but taking advantage of people going through the trauma of a divorce to generate web traffic and revenue is beyond the pale.

There are a whole lot of reasons I don’t visit HuffPo anymore. Now there are a whole lot plus one.

I’m just sayin’…