Uncategorized — January 13, 2011 at 5:12 pm

What is it with the freaking VIOLENCE???


WTF is it with Tea Partiers and their desire to solve every problem with violence? The latest effluent (membership req’d) from Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation is another example. In his essay, he rightly characterizes the Westboro Baptist Church and their leader, Fred Phelps, for the shitbags they are.

Not content with that, however, he goes on with this:

Fifty years ago, had Phelps tried something like this, he would be met by not only the police, but also the men of the community he was going to. The police would make sure things did not get out of hand and then politely look the other way while the men of the community educated Phelps on his bad manners.

When Phelps got out of the hospital, he would not do it again.

Honestly, dude, it hasn’t even been a week since the shootings in Arizona and not even 24 hours since President Obama appealed to Americans to move on in a way that honors the victims of the tragedy in Tucson.

The Tea Party Nation apparently honors them by talking publicly about beating the shit out of people they don’t like.


Adding: The comments section of Phillips’ piece is full of violent, chest-thumping threats toward the Westboro troglodytes including this from a guy whose picture, believe it or not, shows him wearing a clerical collar:

Easy. Now we’re getting into that “violent rhetoric” the left has been squalling about. Of course I agree with you, but we all have to play nice now, and watch what we say. Some liberal might see it and take offense.

These people are unreal…

I’m just sayin’…