Barack Obama, President Obama — January 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm

A liberal converted


I generally won’t have anything at all to do with the Democratic Underground. I consider that site to be the liberal equivalent to the Free Republic in terms of its overall integrity. I’m not saying there isn’t anything good at DU — there is. Lots of good stuff. It’s just way overshadowed by too much really over the top rhetoric, in my opinion.

But this piece by David Zephyr is positively brilliant. It highlights all that is truly good about President Obama and comes from the perspective of someone who has been critical of him in the past. It is the story of someone who has been won over by the intelligence, demeanor and style of Barack Obama. (H/T to blackwaterdog for bringing this to my attention.)

For two years now, Americans have watched and studied this remarkable young President, his First Lady and his two children as our First Family and I can tell without hesitation, and they are warming to President Barack Obama.

His quiet, deliberative manner proved that “No Drama Obama” was more than just a campaign slogan. It’s really how the man is engineered and wired. And that “nice side” that so many of us on the Left sometimes are prone to consider as weakness, well, that really is how he is. President Obama is a gentleman…and there’s nothing weak about him at all.

Our last President apparently beleived that showing strength was more important than demonstrating strength. Our country had to endure eight very long years of the former President’s non-stop bellicose talk, fear-mongering, and conceited swaggering posture. It was the only card in his deck. Someone forgot to tell George W. Bush that although Ronald Reagan — who Bush clearly attempted to imitate — really did live on an actual ranch (not a former pig farm) and that he rode real horses, and unlike Bush, could actually be a gentleman and a statesman at times. Thankfully, the quarter’s worth of time on George’s pony ride in front of the supermarket finally expired and someone took his little rifle away from him.

I can’t help but feel nothing less than relief to know that a dangerous fool was replaced by a grownup man, who does more than he talks about doing. He accomplishes, sometimes slowly, what others have only pretended to to or have only promised to do.

It’s fine writing and I highly commend your attention to the entire piece.

I’m just sayin’…