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Ladies & gentlemen, introducing: ECLECTATROLL!


I guess you can say you have “arrived” when you pick up a recurrent troll and we now have a full-fledged Eclectatroll. This person (not sure if it’s a man or a woman) has bravely adopted the very-creative nom de plume of “Anonymous” so we’ll just have to call them Eclectatroll.

Here are some of their most recent comments.

In my blog about New Year’s resolutions:

My New Year’s resolution; expose E-fraud as the self-important, arrogant, hypocritical egomaniac that he is.

Pay attention E-fraud the truth is about to be revealed.

The days of your lies and elitest bigotry going unchecked are over.

Ooo…scary! The Eclectamask will finally be pulled off!

My blog About Sarah Palin the lying historical revisionist redudiator he/she had several things to say:

You might want to be careful who your calling a poser ELECTAFRAUD.

Nothing more poserish than a fat wealthy white guy calling out other fat wealthy white guys foe being fat, wealthy and white.

Nice try dummy.


This is not a political disagreement Majii; I don’t support Palin either. I’m just tried of Efraud always lowering the discussion into the gutter with his childish name calling and sexist ridicule.


Race, weight and wealth don’t mean much to people like you and me, Majii but Efraud never passes on a chance to insult someone for being white or overweight. Please refer to 60% of his posts over the last year. His first insultatory (how ‘W’-ish of me) salvo usually inlcudes a blast about said target being white, fat and rich. I think we are all mature enough to have an honest debate without resorting to name calling. Sorry if you disagree.

There was a single blog this year where I referred to fat, white bigots. It was a blog about a teabaggers rally in Ann Arbor titled “Waffles are Delicious”. The next day I wrote a public apology for the remark which you can read HERE.

[I got an email] from the man in the green shirt. In the email, he told me that he was not angry and was just there taking pictures and supporting a friend who spoke at that rally. He also told me that he has a medical (thyroid) condition and is undergoing medical treatment for it.

I won’t reprint his entire email here because I haven’t asked for permission to do so. I do think this bit is okay to share:

I am genetically predisposed to weight problems, and have low thyroid, which I am on medication for. Me being fat isn’t any different that someone being gay, black, or an illegal alien…and I’m sure you wouldn’t slam them for being who they are.

Would you have taken a photograph of a pre-operative transgendered person wearing the clothing of the sex they are becoming, and made fun of them?

I am hoping to get bariatric surgery to correct my physical disformity…My fight is no different than that of someone born in the wrong body who gets SRS to correct their problem. I am a thin person. A fun person who likes to go dancing. Sadly, I am currently in the wrong body.

He is absolutely right and I absolutely owe him and the other two gentlemen in the picture an apology. It’s one thing to mock folks for their politics but it’s entirely another and very inappropriate thing to mock their physical appearance.

For that I am sorry.

I’m also sorry if anyone who read the blog was offended. This is just not my style and I feel crappy about it.

I suppose if that one blog entry for which I apologized represents “60%” of my blogs this year, then Anonymous is probably right and I am an elitist sexist fraud. However, it does not and he or she is entirely wrong. But, hey, Eclectatroll, welcome aboard. Take your best shot. Your creative spelling will be entertaining if nothing else.

I’m just sayin’…