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The crazy hiking trails of Mt. Hua Shan


Mount Hua Shan, in China, has some of the craziest hiking trails you have ever seen. Check it out:

From Teh WikiGodsTM:

There are two walking trails leading to Huashan’s North Peak (1613 m), the lowest of the mountain’s five major peaks. The most popular is the traditional route in Hua Shan Yu (Hua Shan Gorge) first developed in the 3rd to 4th century A.D. and with successive expansion, mostly during the Tang Dynasty. It winds for 6 km from Huashan village to the north peak. A new route in Huang Pu Yu (Huang Pu Gorge, named after the hermit Huang Lu Zi who lived in this gorge in 8th century BC) that follows the cable car to the North Peak is actually the ancient trail used prior to the Tang Dynasty, which has since fallen into disrepair.


Many Chinese still climb at nighttime, in order to reach the East Peak by dawn—though the mountain now has many hostels. This practice is a holdover from when it was considered safer to simply be unable to see the extreme danger of the tracks during the ascent, as well as to avoid meeting descending visitors at points where pathways have scarcely enough room for one visitor to pass through safely.

But here’s the real reason I’m blogging this. Check out this movie:

I can barely watch it I’m so afraid of heights.

I’m just sayin’…